Mason-Dixon Line Festival & Buckwheat Cake Breakfast!

October 13, 2018

Buckwheat Cake Breakfast 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM
Adults $9.00 Children $5.00

During the morning before the start of the Mason-Dixon Line Festival, attendees will be able to enjoy a home-cooked buckwheat breakfast! Buckwheat cakes are delicious, sour pancakes with your choice of butter, syrup and/or applesauce toppings. The cakes are served pork sausage patties. If you do not enjoy buckwheat cakes a regular pancake option will be available. All proceeds from this breakfast benefit Mason-Dixon Historical Park.

Come celebrate the end of the historic Mason-Dixon Line survey!

As you walk in the footsteps of history, you'll be able to enjoy many FREE activities: Historical re-enactors in the area of the park where Mason and Dixon crossed Dunkard Creek for the third and final time . Colonial surveyors illustrating how Mason and Dixon did their work. See the exact location where you can "cross The Line." Hikes up Brown's Hill to the 1883 monument set where Mason and Dixon placed their final marke